The most important KPI’s with email campaigns

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KB Woods’ advice on email marketing

Does your company have an email newsletter campaign? If the answer is “yes,” your question may likely be “what are the best ways to measure my email campaign’s success?” There are several KPI’s to consider (Key Performance Indicators) the effectiveness of your email campaign. You may have a difficult time determining which ones are most important. So, here’s what KB Woods has outlined for you:

  • Open Rate: How many people opened your email, compared to the entire number sent.
  • Click Through Rate: Also known at CTR. This is the total number of clicks in an email divided by the emails sent. 
  • Deliverability Rate: Which is how many actually were able to be sent and received. This can be helpful in identifying the quality of the email list.

A great resource that we rely on for email delivery and information is Constant Contact. Besides a robust email delivery experience, they have some excellent information on the subject too, read more. If you have any other questions related to email marketing, or digital marketing in general, call KB Woods for a complimentary consultation at at 602-699-4464, or online at