Cameraman Shooting

In late 2018, St. Theresa Catholic School faced a challenge: increasing donations for the Catholic Education Arizona (CEA) fund. The solution came through a collaboration with KB Woods and the power of video storytelling. 

St. Theresa Catholic School turned to KB Woods in early 2019. KB Woods created a video that explained why it is important to contribute to the CEA fund. The video would play a crucial role in their fundraising efforts during church masses. KB Woods crafted a narrative centered around Max, an alumnus whose life was positively impacted by the CEA fund during the Great Recession. The story also featured faculty members discussing the school’s current needs and how contributions help students achieve their potential.

The video below is a throwback to this pivotal moment when KB Woods assisted St. Theresa Catholic School in their fundraising campaign. Astoundingly, the campaign raised more than $155,000 from parishioners in a single day. This success underscores the power of video storytelling in fundraising:

  • Heartfelt Connection: The video provided a heartfelt view of the fund’s impact, explaining how contributions change lives. It featured a compelling call to action, reminding viewers of the importance of supporting future generations through the CEA fund.
  • Sharable Content: The video enabled people to share the cause with others, extending the campaign’s reach and resonating with a wider audience.

This case exemplifies how video storytelling can be a transformative tool in fundraising, giving life to campaigns and significantly boosting their success. We’re proud to have played a role in such an impactful project, and we continue to believe in the power of video to tell stories that inspire and mobilize communities.