Promote eBay Items With Videos

Increased Consumer Engagement by as Much as 8X!

In our experience, using product videos on your website, or merchant product pages, like eBay or Amazon can increase consumer engagement by as much as 800%.

  1. Record a Video of Your Item in a Clean, Well-Lit Area: Record where your device looks its best and where you can represent yourself as a professional. Describe the item as you show it to the camera. Give multiple views and show it in operation, if possible, and be sure to speak calmly and clearly.
  2. Post Your Video to a Video Sharing Site: YouTube is the obvious suspect since it’s free, eBay supports it, and so many use it, but any number of video sites will work fine as well.
  3. Copy the Embed Code for Your Video: On YouTube, this is done by clicking the “Embed” button on the page for your video, click your mouse in the box that appears, and then typing CTRL-A followed by CTRL-C.
  4. Post an eBay Listing: Use the item listing form to begin your eBay listing and fill it out as you normally would, until you reach the item description area.
  5. Paste the Embed Code Into Your Item Description Using Html: Enter your item description as you normally would, but before moving on, click the “HTML” tab over the description editor to switch to the HTML view. Move your mouse cursor to the very end of the code already there and hit CTRL-V to embed the code for your video.
  6. Finish Your Item Listing and Post It: When your listing is complete, you’ll find that the video you recorded is embedded in your item description, so that bidders and buyers can easily click and play.

Credit: , “Promote Your eBay Items With Videos”

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