Mark Littell and Max Woods

Mark Littell’s Baseball Journey

Mark Littell’s story is a testament to resilience and creativity. Born in the small town of Gideon, Missouri, he leaped from high school baseball to the Major Leagues. He played for the Kansas City Royals and the St. Louis Cardinals, with whom he won a World Series Championship. After his retirement, Littell channeled his passion for baseball into coaching, impacting lives beyond the pitcher’s mound.

Innovating Athletic Protection

Littell’s contribution to sports extended to innovation with the creation of NuttyBuddy™. Recognizing the need for a more comfortable athletic cup, he worked with designer Dosun Shin to develop this anatomically shaped protective gear. NuttyBuddy™ revolutionized athlete safety with its unique design, offering unparalleled protection and comfort. Additionally, it became a symbol of Littell’s inventive spirit and commitment to athlete welfare.

Capturing Mark Littell’s Vibrant Legacy

KB Woods had the opportunity to manage the PR for the video. This project not only catapulted NuttyBuddy™ to widespread recognition but also ignited a spark that led Keith Woods to establish KB Woods in 2010. 

At KB Woods, we draw inspiration from such successful campaigns. Our approach to PR and marketing is grounded in a deep understanding of our client’s unique stories and the market dynamics. Whether it’s elevating a product or shaping a brand’s image, our goal is to create impactful narratives that resonate with audiences and drive success. The NuttyBuddy story is a reminder of the transformative power of PR. It’s a legacy that continues to inspire our work at KB Woods, as we strive to bring the same level of excellence and innovation to all our projects.

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