Rivulet Media, Inc. In Talks To Acquire Built By Gamers

The acquisition is designed to bridge the gap between traditional media and gaming

GILBERT, Ariz., May 11, 2022  –

The following press release restates the press releases that were issued on April 13, 2022 and March 28, 2022 in which it was stated that Rivulet Media, Inc. acquired Built by Gamers, LLC (“BBG”).  While Rivulet is very interested in the possibility of acquiring BBG, it has not entered any agreement of any kind for such acquisition.

 Financier and producer Rivulet Media, whose interests span film, television, and music, is aggressively pursuing Built By Gamers (BBG), a leading gaming lifestyle organization.  Rivulet Media hopes to acquire BBG in response to what it sees as a rapidly evolving media and entertainment landscape characterized by unprecedented collaborative growth between traditional content creation and the expansive world of gaming.

Since inception, Rivulet Media has focused on being a disruptive force within the film industry by using a proprietary financing model to deliver studio quality and star-driven content more efficiently and affordably than traditional studios. The company most recently financed and produced the feature film TAURUS, a collaboration with Colson “Machine Gun Kelly” Baker who, in addition to executive producing and starring alongside his fiancé Megan Fox, will contribute original music for the film via Rivulet Music in partnership with Interscope Records and Universal Music.

Mike Witherill, CEO of Rivulet’s Film and Television division, said, “It has become clear that gaming is the fastest-growing entertainment medium – and many of our collaborative partners, like Netflix, Apple, or Warner Bros, are increasingly concerned about losing market share to Fortnite, not other studios.”

Added Rob Paris, President of Rivulet Films, “BBG will bring an incredible layer to the array of options Rivulet owns when we consider how best to build and shape content for an aggressively shifting landscape of consumption. The fierce loyalty and expansive connectivity within the space is, we believe, essential to compete at the next level of evolution in content creation and dissemination.”

Built By Gamers (BBG), founded in Mesa, Arizona in 2019 has quickly risen to prominence in the gaming world by staffing esports teams and talent across major gaming titles including Fortnite, Valorant, Halo, Call of Duty, Apex Legends and PUBG. BBG is striving to build the world’s foremost gaming lifestyle & entertainment brand. Fueled by a core belief that a gamer is a personality type unrestrained by gender, age, or geography – rather a person committed to being the best at their craft, focused on continual improvement, always leveling up in life. BBG is focused on inclusion, fighting toxicity, and prioritizing personal and mental health. The company is at the forefront of integrating blockchain technology into the world of gaming – from competitions to casual engagement, collectibles, unique experiences, recruiting exciting talent, and having the most dialed in advertising attribution chain in the space. This focus has led to legions of engaged fans.

“We are excited at the possibility of joining Rivulet Media. With its  deep experience in entertainment, and as gaming becomes more embedded in the culture, we see the opportunity to create content that helps bridge the gap between gaming and traditional media. This relationship will put BBG in a new lane to not only compete but disrupt the industry.” – Todd Searle, Built By Gamers CEO

“Gaming is the future of entertainment and pop culture. Built By Gamers is leading the charge in ‘widening the tent’ by producing the most interesting and accessible gaming content in the world. We’re thrilled with the prospects of joining the Rivulet Media family with their decades of blockbuster content creation experience. This union will propel our mission forward. The future is gaming and we’re just getting started.” -Tyler Farnsworth, Chief Marketing Officer, Built By Gamers

About Rivulet Media (RIVU)

Rivulet Media (RIVU) is a publicly traded company with producer/financier Mike Witherill and Arizona real estate investor Aaron Klusman serving as COO and CEO respectively. Veteran producer Rob Paris serves as President of Rivulet Media’s film division, which is backed by a consortium of investors spanning an array of financial sectors. The company recently financed and produced TAURUS which had its World Premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival and stars Colson “Machine Gun Kelly” Baker alongside Maddie Hasson, Scoot McNairy, Ruby Rose and Megan Fox. The company also financed and produced Please Baby Please starring Demi Moore and Andrea Riseborough which celebrated its World Premiere as the opening night gala at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. The company is currently in post-production on psychological thriller The Mistress starring John Magaro and Chasten Harmon and recently announced The Twinkle Brothers, a comedy from Academy Award® and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer John Patrick Shanley.

About Built By Gamers

Built By Gamers (BBG) is a gaming lifestyle and entertainment organization, founded in 2019, based in the Arizona Desert yet serving gamers worldwide. BBG is actively bringing together the best from the world of gaming, fashion, film, music, and sports to build the next generation of culture. At the center of it all. You. Want to be a part of changing the game? Be a Gamer. Join us. Website: www.builtbygamers.gg