KB Woods Public Relations’ Keith Woods and Max Woods interviewed Chef Steve from Culinary Dropout in Tucson, Arizona, June 2019.

Culinary Dropout has everything from delicious burgers to fresh salmon. We visited the Tucson, AZ, location to see how they use high quality HF Coors dinnerware to showcase their culinary masterpieces. The bowls, mugs, plates, and platters hold their color and are extremely durable, holding up well in either a restaurant or the home.

Where to buy Culinary Dropout dinnerware made by HF Coors

For restaurateurs go to https://www.hfcoors.com/restaurants-o…, for home shopping go to https://www.hfcoors.com/online-shopping/, or you may come shop at our factory https://www.hfcoors.com/visit/. Give HF Coors a call at 888-909-7130. For more info go to https://www.hfcoors.com/