KB Woods Community Giving & Support

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KB Woods’ Community Giving program is driven to make Arizona a better place for all of us.

We are committed to helping non-profit groups and organizations that provide services in the following areas: Education, Food Banks, Public Safety and Women’s Health.

In 2018, we gave more than $30,000 in money and in-kind services (video production and public relations services) to organizations like POSA, Girls Rule, Don’t Be a Chump, St. Mary’s Food Bank, St. Theresa Catholic School and St. Vincent DePaul.

Giving Program

  1. We provide video and public relations services to non-profit organizations based on need, and that they fit into one of the key areas of our giving plan (Education, Food Banks, Public Safety and Women’s Health).
  2. We select one non-profit organization to assist per quarter, each year (up to the amount of $7,500 in the value of services).
  3. Non-profit organizations are encouraged to submit their request for support at least 90 days prior to their need.

Charity Discount

Our public relations agency offers most non-profit and not-for-profit organizations a discount of 20% off of services, not including hard costs or talent fees. For more information about this program please use this contact form.

$100 Grants

In addition to gifts of time we encourage non-profit organizations (Education, Food Banks, Public Safety and Women’s Health) to request a $100 cash grant, this is done on a case-by-case basis. Please use the contact form, or email us at clientservices@kbwoods.com with your request for a $100 cash grant.

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