Check for a Lump Wig Out Gala 2023

The 2023 Check for a Lump Wig Out Gala marked a pivotal moment in supporting breast cancer patients. With its distinctive “Wig Out” theme, this event united the community in raising awareness and offering support.

In 2022, over 287,850 women in the U.S. faced breast cancer. Check for a Lump responded by providing vital services. They have delivered over 1,360 mammograms and more than 2,150 wigs to women undergoing chemotherapy. These initiatives offer comfort and normalcy during their treatment.

The organization’s impact extends to education, reaching over 450,000 women with breast health information. Through their Super Survivors Unite Gatherings and Super Survivor Kits, they have supported over 500 breast cancer survivors, demonstrating a deep commitment to both fighting the disease and aiding those affected.

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Watch our recap of the gala below to see the community’s efforts in combating breast cancer.